Promotion of Sustainable Agricultural Farming Systems in the Context of Combating Desertification in Africa (TPN6/RAP/UNCCD)

This is an initiative within the framework of the African Regional Action Programme of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). AU/SAFGRAD has been designated as the institutional focal point for coordinating TPN6 activities. The programme has the following expected outcomes:


  • enhanced efficiency of national, sub-regional and regional programmes related to sustainable agricultural farming systems through promotion of demand driven strategies for the development and use of innovations, promotion and dissemination of knowledge and know-how in the field of sustainable agricultural farming systems, addressing the concerns of different stakeholders involved in sustainable agricultural farming systems, and information sharing and dissemination of experience and knowledge;
  • facilitation of ongoing strategies and initiatives for coherence and common purpose through better coordination of ongoing and newly introduced farming systems initiatives for reduced vulnerability of the poor to various shocks and for a significant improvement in their adaptation to climate change, and encouraging and facilitating regular communication and exchange of information and experiences between and among key stakeholders;
  • revitalised agricultural sector based on good local governance aimed at benefiting local people through improvement of local governance by enhancing documentation and dissemination of successful approaches, building capacity of local institutions, scaling up successful and innovative approaches at national, sub-regional and regional levels and forging critical partnerships.


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