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Together to build resilience in Semi Arid Zones of Africa

The semi-arid zones of Africa cover areas extending from Senegal in the Western Africa to Djibouti in the Eastern Africa, through Tunisia in Northern Africa to South Africa in the Southern, most tip of the continent. Agricultural production (crops, livestock, etc.) as well as non-agricultural activities provide the basic means for rural livelihoods and also form the driving force for the promotion of the rural economies of the countries in these regions. Agriculture alone contributes between 30% & 40% to the GDP and provided employment for 80% of the population.

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Chairperson Moussa Mahamat Faki














DREA Director Dr Godfrey BAHIIGWA


Dr Godfrey BAHIIGWA,

DREA Director


 Thomas Kwesi Quartey 2





Sacko Josefa




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